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Talent Philosophy

Lead your development with action

Innolcon adheres to the concept of growing together with talents

Committed to providing you with rich resources and projects to create a win-win situation and meet the future

  • Growth and Development
    Innolcon values every employee who joins the company. Talent is the driving force and guarantee of the company's "sustainable development"; Innolcon brings in talents with the idea "seeking common ground while reserving differences", and develops talents who "having both ability and good morals " . It strives to provide employees with a platform for innovation and development, and promotes every "Innolcon person" to achieve a better self!
  • Cultivation in Progress
    Innolcon attaches great importance to the integration and advanced development of talents. "Newcomer Orientation" and "Newcomer Dialogue Workshop" help new employees to fit in quickly; "Professional shapes talents, energy conveys dreams", Innocollege’s perfect training system supports professional improvement and advanced development of newcomers and empowers every talent with passion who is eager to grow .

Training Information

Job Opportunities

  • Marketing
  • R&D Center
  • Quality Regulation Department

If you are interested, please send email to:hr@innolcon.com

We are looking for talents who share the common vision!

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  • Extension:8004/8005(Sales Support);8001(Marketing)
  • Website:www.innolcon.com
  • Address:Building 13, No. 218, Sangtian Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China