Ultrasonic Surgical System

The domestic self-independent brand has first obtained the 5mm vessel sealing and cutting certification

The Ultrasonic Surgical System(Ultrasonic Scalpel) is a groundbreaking piece of clinical surgical system that uses ultrasonic energy to process soft tissue cutting and vessel sealing. It can be used to cut soft tissues and seal blood vessels up to 5 mm in diameter except for bone tissue incision and reversiable fallopian tubal ligation. It has been widely applied in a variety of open and endoscopic surgeries. So far, the ultrasonic scalpel has been widely applied in various open and laparoscopic surgeries.

Compared with devices powered by other energy sources, there is no electricity flowing through the human body, which improves the safety during surgery. The lateral thermal damage is smaller, which facilitates operations near vital organ structures. The system offers cutting, coagulation, dissection, and grasping functions, which provides greater operating efficiency. All the features and benefits bring great safety to patients and more convenience to surgeons.

  • 1.Faster dissection speed
  • Reduced lateral thermal damage
  • Larger diameter of vessel sealing (5mm)
  • Larger crosssection of vessel sealing
  • Higher sealed-vessel burst pressure
Ultrasonic Surgical System
Innolcon Phaco-emulsification Surgical System-Rosewood

Innolcon Phaco-emulsification Surgical Equipment-Rosewood

Obtained CE certification approved by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH in 2021

ROSEWOODTM The Phaco-emulsification Surgical Equipment-Rosewood can meet the precise requirements of refractive cataract surgery, which provides more safety and efficiency for ophthalmologists during surgery.

ROSEWOODTM It has an efficient and intelligent host, excellent fluid control modules and a complete range of surgical accessories.

Phaco-emulsification Surgical Equipment-Rosewood
Electrosurgical energy platform

Electrosurgical energy platform

Sealing and dissecting by high frequency electrical currents

  • The E21 Generator is equipped with a variety of surgical modes including monopolar, bipolar and InSeal. The different modes have independent interfaces for simple and convenient operation.
  • One-touch to power on and single touchscreen for simple and clear operation.
  • The E21 system can be customized with hundreds of surgical configuration parameters for ease of use.
  • InSeal mode uses advanced adaptive tissue sealing technology, and can seal blood vessels up to 7 mm, lymphatic, tissue joints, reducing sealing time while minimizing adhesions.
  • Using tissue sensing technology, the E21 system samples 60 million times per second to monitor energy output in real time, providing accurate and stable energy output.
  • A wide range of tissue sealing instruments with multiple styles and lengths can fully meet the needs of various surgical applications.
Electrosurgical energy platform
Ultrasonic Aspirator System

Ultrasonic Aspirator System

Can be applied in a wide variety of precise, high-risk orthopedic procedures with ultrasonic suction equipment

  • Functions

    Intelligent cutting - tissue selectivity
    Non-invasive cold cutting - no heat accumulation
    Precise cutting - infinitely adjustable amplitude
    Unlimited cutting - multiple angles and cutting-heads
  • Functions

    Ultrasonic cutting - accurate
    Cavitation crushing-fast
    Negative pressure suction-efficient
  • Features

    Available in intervertebral foraminal mirror
    Fast long bone amputation

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