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Innovative Technology, Share globally: Innolcon's Global Footprint

Innolcon -Share medical progress  2022-07-12 09:25:49
        Founded on June 18, 2014, Innolcon cares for life and health through continuous improvement in product performance and quality.  Staying true to its original aspiration "Satisfying surgeons and benefiting patients around the world with high quality products", Innolcon strives to forge ahead and provide more advanced medical devices for the world.

        Innolcon Ultrasonic Surgical System obtained CE certification in August 2019, which marked Innolcon’s formal entrance into international market and recognition by international experts with its stable and high-quality product performance. This also meant that Innolcon has begun its international development journey. 

       Innolcon moved on by seizing the opportunity and expanded its presence with precise positioning. In the following two years, Innolcon successively obtained relevant certification from ANVISA, KFDA, and SFDA, which laid a solid foundation for the growth of Innolcon’s international sales team. Under excellent leadership of top management and cooperation of various departments, the international sales team successfully created value in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, including Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, Africa, and gradually moving to North America and other markets with high-quality products.

       Innolcon is dedicated to technological innovation, instilling the concept of quality-first into every detail of product development and manufacturing . Therefore, in 2020, it broke through the technical barrier of international brand and successfully obtained the first 5mm vessel sealing and cutting NMPA certification. At the same time, Innolcon also had excellent performance in international market. Up to now, more than 95% of overseas partners chose to establish long-term cooperation with Innolcon after clinical trial. Furthermore, the comprehensive product lines including gun-type and scissor-type scalpels contributed to promotion in different surgical departments and increase of market share. With excellent product quality and after-sales service, Innolcon developed steadily in the international market. Clinical experts spoke highly of Innolcon ultrasonic surgical System, saying it was gradually approaching the level of international famous brands in both design and performance, and even surpassing them in individual parameters.

       Innolcon international sales team actively explores the market and strives to communicate with customers in depth to better understand product application in overseas clinical situation. With suggestions and clinical feedback from customers, Innolcon constantly improves and enhances product details and quality. At the same time, in order to further build the international brand, Innolcon’s international sales team and marketing team actively collaborate to participate and assist the international partners in academic exhibition activities.

       On this basis, Innolcon takes full advantage of the multilingual talents of our sales team to conduct a number of workshops, masterclass and surgery live broadcasts around the core market, and support our partners to participate deeply in the annual meetings held by some national associations of gastrointestinal surgery, head and neck surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, etc., so as to promote academic exchanges and cooperation. With expansion of  international market, Innolcon will focus on promoting academic cooperation with excellent KOLs in Europe, further deepening brand building and laying a solid foundation for interaction between international and domestic markets.
       Under the turbulent international market environment and strict exit policy, Innolcon international sales team has overcome many difficulties to serve the global customers and achieved certain results in the world. This is just the beginning of Innolcon's development in the international market. 
       In the future, Innolcon will start the international and domestic dual-engine cooperation strategy to accelerate the linkage of the two markets and promote deep communication between Chinese and foreign doctors. Staying true to innovation, Innolcon will strive to break the monopoly of imported medical devices in the domestic market and expand the international market share with more high-quality products. Innolcon international sales team will practice the development concept of "Innovative technology, global sharing", and strive to make Innolcon's footprint in every corner of the world to serve more patients and doctors.

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