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Innolcon’s first show in 2019 China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF ) Autumn
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On October 19,the 82nd China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) was grand opened in the sailing city-Qingdao. With the theme of "Intelligence Reconstruct the Future", the exhibition covers an area of more than 140,000 square meters this year. More than 3,000 enterprises from nearly 20 countries presented 20,000 products intensively, bringing a medical industry gluttonous feast for professionals.

Innolcon medical with new product "Ultrasonic Surgical System" participated in the show. With elegent appearance and comfortable user experience, the system immediately got the earnest attention of numerous professional audience. They constantly watched and consulted, some of them operated the system personally and experienced the shear effect and product performance.
At the beginning of the product design, human grasp and engineering mechanics were taken into consideration. Based on the principles of comfort, rationality and humanization, the product was made from samples with thousands of operation experience and modifications in details by experts. The audience said it felt comfortable, was with appropriate force and provided good experience.
The product quality is strictly controlled by Innolcon. Exquisite material, standardized process of assembling and multiple test process before delivery make the Ultrasonic Surgical System having a reliable quality with high efficacy and safety. The system is fast in soft tissue dissection, has remarkable hemostatic effect and reduced thermal damage. It can seal vessels up to 5mm in diameter and patient can recover well after surgery.
Our first show has come to a conclusion, but our innovation goes on. As a new force of technological innovation in ultrasonic medical field, we will continue to focus on clinical demands and bring more high-quality local exclusive devices for users.
Highlights of Exhibition:


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