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Innolcon Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was jointly founded by a number of overseas-qualified experts and veterans of China's domestic medical industry. It is dedicated to the research and development, production, sales, and services of high-end ultrasonic and ophthalmic surgical instruments. The company boasts 6,000 square meters of manufacturing and research facilities at its headquarters in Suzhou Industrial Park, as well as research laboratories in California. With its high-quality products, Innolcon is committed to enhancing clinical efficacy, reducing the suffering of patients, and developing the world's leading ultrasonic and ophthalmic medical devices.


The first clinical case was enrolled into group therapy.

All clinical cases were enrolled and treated.




The company was founded.


The first prototype machine was registered and tested.

Construction of the manufacturing base in the phase II of BioBay was completed.

Pass type test smoothly.​​


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Core Values

To research and develop top ultrasonic & 

ophthalmic surgical products, care for life & health,and serve global patients.

Keep eyes on the stars, and feet on the ground;

Keep perseverance and unremitting self-improvement;

Quality first and strive for perfection;

People-oriented and care for health.

Focus on healthcare and improve life quality.​​
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